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Nilsa Brady

Nilsa Brady – Business Manager

By day, Nilsa is the dedicated business manager for Garcia Green Cleaners; by night, she’s a passionate professional musician. She staunchly believes that at the core of diverse industries lies a common foundation: the importance of community and collaboration. Nilsa’s idea of success revolves around genuine concern and care for others.

Although music and cleaning services might seem like contrasting fields, Nilsa sees them both as essential sources of happiness. Everyone deserves the joy of listening to uplifting music and the comfort of returning to a spotless, healthy home. This shared sense of purpose fuels her enthusiasm in both the artistic and corporate realms. Employing strong communication, strategic scheduling, and a deep-seated desire to spread joy, Nilsa ensures Garcia Green Cleaners delivers the best for both its clients and staff.

Isabel Oropeza – Team Manager

Isabel is a dedicated computer science student with a natural flair for team leadership. She flourishes where technology meets leadership, continuously seeking knowledge both inside and outside her field of study. A voracious reader, Isabel loves to explore new horizons and spend quality time with her beloved pet. Her journey beautifully exemplifies the balance of ambition and inquisitiveness.

Melissa Garcia Ortiz – Owner

Melissa, owner of our local cleaning company, started her journey in property management, then successfully launched a cleaning service in 2015 which grew to over 500 customers since its inception. After funding her IT degree focusing on cybersecurity with her business profits, she ventured into the software startup scene in Silicon Valley in 2021. Now, while specializing in corporate event management, Melissa remains passionate about continuous learning and connecting with others in diverse fields.

Only serving the central Austin area, the surrounding areas are considered on a case-by-case basis